Errata overview
Errata ID 102
Date 2013-05-22
Source package univention-management-console-module-appcenter
Fixed in version 2.0.139-13.139.201305171736
This update fixes several issues:
* Fixed an issue when closing the App Center tab in the Management Console:
  The backend shut down the module when no further requests regarding the
  progress of an installation was sent. When this happened during
  installation the package database could become temporarily broken.
* Added a progress bar while fetching software changes in App Center and
  speeded up the process of retrieving this information.
* Made free memory calculation more robust in OpenVZ environments.
* The width of the dialog has been corrected.
* The full progress bar is used while installing an application when not
  installing packages on other servers in the domain.
* The button to request a new license is shown even when the application
  cannot be installed.
* If an application is installed, the system does not dist-upgrade anymore.
  If the app is upgraded, the system still does a dist-upgrade but shows a
  warning that the dist-upgrade may include errata updates.
* Fixed a segfault that happened while upgrading an app under certain
  circumstances. Now the package manager always uses the latest package
* Prevent concurrent package operations in the same session.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #30611