Errata overview
Errata ID 123
Date 2013-06-13
Source package univention-management-console-frontend
Fixed in version 2.0.244-11.635.201306101401
This update fixes several issues:
* Fixes the width of textarea input fields.
* Corrected a problem in the Text widget which caused to a 404 error.
* Inside the "favorite" category, favorites can no longer be removed.
* The username input field of the login dialog stays disabled after a failed
* Automatic scrollbars in the Dialog widget has been fixed.
* The internal caching mechanism for list entries (e.g., DHCP/DNS entries and
  IP/MAC addresses for computers) has been improved as it could previously
  lead to inconsistencies in rare cases.
* The validate function of the "Form" widget has been corrected. Previously,
  no exclamation mark has been displayed when a widget had an invalid value.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #30889