Errata overview
Errata ID 107
Date 2014-05-07
Source package univention-s4-connector
Fixed in version 8.0.33-46.472.201405062002
This update fixes the following issues:
* The S4 connector Python modules are now only built for Python 2.6
* The pcpatch user is no longer ignored by default
* The start of multiple S4 connector instances is now prevented
* When creating a user in UCS a stronger password is used which
  fulfill the password complexity settings
* The UCR variable connector/s4/listener/disabled has been added.
  If it is set to true the listener does not write any changes.
  This is helpful on a domain controller backup. The variable is
  not set by default during this upgrade.
* During the group membership synchronization from Samba 4 to
  OpenLDAP an object mapping problem has been fixed.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #31320