Errata overview
Errata ID 163
Date 2014-08-07
Source package univention-management-console-frontend
Fixed in version 3.0.152-40.840.201407161222
This update fixes the following issues:
* CSS rules have been adpated to apply the UMC theme to dijit/form/Select.
* The async attribute is now used in the script tag that loads dojo.js.
* UMC tabs and header are not shown in the appliance mode.
* In the appliance mode, only the specified JavaScript module is loaded upon
  startup instead of all accessible JavaScript modules.
* Dynamic reloading of translations is now supported.
* A widget for radio buttons has been added.
* A method defer() has been added to umc/tools.
* The validation of forms has been fixed, such that invalid fields are marked
  with a red exclamation mark when calling umc/widgets/Form:validate().
* Vertical scrolling issues with umc/widgets/Grid in Firefox have been fixed.
* The configuration property 'labelConf' has been added to be able to
  configure LabelPanes directly.
* Allow dynamic changing of 'inlineLabel' in umc/widgets/TextBox.
* The convenience method isPageVisible() has been added to
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #34484