Errata overview
Errata ID 168
Date 2014-08-07
Source package syslinux3
Fixed in version 3.71+dfsg-5.1.201407281355
This update provides the older version 3.72 of syslinux, a boot loader for
Linux. It is used by the UCS network installer.
Due to some BIOS incompatibilities the newer syslinux from UCS-3 fails to
boot some notebooks like the DELL E6510 either locally or via PXE. The older
version can be installed as a replacement version if such problems occur.
For this the packages "syslinux3" and "syslinux3-common" must be installed
instead of "syslinx" and "syslinux-common" by using the command-line tool
"univention-install" as the user "root" or as an Administrator through the
UMC web interface by using the App-center module.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #33531