Errata overview
Errata ID 204
Date 2014-09-10
Source package univention-system-setup
Fixed in version 7.0.69-61.673.201409101217
This update fixes the following issues:
* Fixed suggestion of FQDN build from value entered in the organization field
  in appliance mode.
* Moved setup of apache startsite on EC2 to an earlier stage in the boot
* Do not show Firefox data submission policy popup during system setup.
* The Windows NETBIOS domain name can now be up to 15 characters long.
* Problems with reloading values and displaying messages after saving changes
  have been corrected.
* The UMC now warns the user if DHCP is selected but a link-local IP address
  is used.
  This can occur if DHCP is preconfigured but no DHCP lease could be obtained.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #34090