Errata overview
Errata ID 30
Date 2014-01-29
Source package univention-pam
Fixed in version 7.0.4-25.244.201401241626
This update fixes several issues:
* The new Univention Directory Listener module 
  implements a mechanism for domain wide customisation of account names for
  well known Windows/Samba SIDs. It sets the UCR variables "groups/default/.*"
  and "users/default/.*" in case accounts with well known sids are renamed.
* univention-pam now checks the mapping of user and group names 
  in the config registry templates.
* The default limit for "max open files" (nofile) in 
  /etc/security/limits.conf has been increased to "32768".
  This value can be changed by setting the ucr variables
  "security/limits/default/user/soft/nofile" and
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #33897