Errata overview
Errata ID 37
Date 2014-01-29
Source package univention-ldap
Fixed in version 10.0.17-23.670.201401221613
This errata update fixes several issues:
* The LDAP indices are now generated for all combinations of LDAP search
  types configured via UCR "ldap/index/*".
* The encoding of UCR policies changed so that values can also contain
* The LDAP ACLs now support the configuration of a
  custom Administrator name via the new UCR variable family
  "users/default/.*". These variables are managed automatically by
  a Univention Directory Listener module (introduced via erratum 30 for UCS 3.2) 
  and should usually not be adjusted manually.
* New schema extension for MS WMI filters
* The local schema inclusion code now detects extensions included by
  template subfiles
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #33430