Errata overview
Errata ID 420
Date 2016-04-12
Source package univention-samba
Fixed in version 8.0.19-19.515.201604111655
Adjusted for Samba 4.3.7.

The raised security requirements of Samba server components may require
config adjustments for older clients. Univention Corporate Client (UCC) 1.0
running a Linux kernel version prior to 3.8 for example require an adjustment
of the mount.cifs options. In that case the value for mount option "sec"
needs to be adjusted to "ntlmsspi", e.g. by setting

ucr set ucc/mount/cifshome/options="serverino,sec=ntlmsspi"

UCC 2.x clients (i.e. Linux kernel above 3.8) don't require this adjustment.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #40990