Errata overview
Errata ID 60
Date 2014-02-12
Source package univention-management-console-module-appcenter
Fixed in version 3.0.50-21.233.201402111512
This errata update fixes several issues:
* Support to declare "end of life" for an application: An applicated marked as 
  such is hidden for new users. For those who have this application installed
  uninstallation is suggested.
* Applications extending the LDAP schema added repositories on DC master and
  DC backup systems to install the corresponding software package. This might
  cause problems when upgrading UCS as these repositories were never removed
  automatically. This will be done from now on. "Stale" repositories already
  registered are also removed.
* When doing an update of an application a hint is shown saying that all
  packages will be upgraded. If this is not intended one would have to go to
  the repository settings tab. This tab is not present when updating the
  application via its dedicated UMC module. Now the text contains a link and
  it opens the App Center if it was not already open and switches to the
  repository tab.
* When querying during a release update of UCS, the target version should be
  used to find all applications. This is done by reading from the
  updater.status file.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #33946