Errata overview
Errata ID 2
Date 2014-12-04
Source package univention-system-setup
Fixed in version 8.1.66-1.827.201412032102
This update addresses the following issues:
* A DHCP lease may be now requested in the UCS setup wizard via unmarking
  and remarking the DHCP checkbox on the network page.
* The default keyboard layout for German has been corrected.
* The package removal in appliance mode has been corrected.
* The Firefox address bar is now always hidden in system setup.
* The DHCP query in the "Network settings" dialogue has been fixed.
* Fix the configuration of primary devices and bond-miimon in bonding network
* A timeout of 15 seconds has been added to the use of rdate to query the
  current time from a NTP time server, as this sometimes stalls endlessly.
* The UCS domain check when selecting a system role has been adjusted to
  correctly determine an UCS domain.
* The DNS error message when selecting a system role is now prompted as
  an alert dialogue.
* Some text field descriptions have been adapted.
* The UCS setup wizard UMC module could not be loaded when the system
  had more than four physical network devices.
* It is now possible to prevent joining. The profile variable start/join was
  previously not evaluated.
* Only system setup scripts belonging to the current module are now executed
  when changing settings via the modules for changing Certificate, Language and
  Network settings.
* Reset join credentials if they are incorrect
* Fix base system deployment if no domainname is specified
* The gateway input field is not required anymore. This allows to set up
  systems without connection to the internet.
* The wizard now prevents scrollbars on every wizard page for systems with
  many network interfaces.
* The wizard now shows information about how to reach the system and UMC after
  the configuration process.
* If the UCS system has not been configured yet, a corresponding message is
  shown during login at console/via ssh asking the user to use the UMC to
  complete configuration.
* In text mode or after aborting the configuration, a message is shown to the
  user how the UMC can be accessed after reboot.
* The configuration of keyboard model and keyboard variant has been corrected.
* The search for system locales has been adjusted such that wildcards are
  implicitly used.
* The syntax check for the LDAP base has been adjusted to be more specific.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #36665