Errata overview
Errata ID 265
Date 2015-08-06
Source package univention-management-console-module-udm
Fixed in version 5.1.25-80.591.201507271149
This update addresses the following issues:
 * A parameter to open a specific object immediately on opening a module
   has been added.
 * The "Shares" module has been moved into the "Domain" category.
 * If multiple policies of the same type are referenced UMC prevents
   removing policy references when saving the object.
 * Errors while requesting a new license are now handled.
 * The default user template for new users can be configured via the UCR
   variable "directory/manager/web/modules/users/user/add/default". The
   variable expects the DN or the label of a user template.
 * If too many user accounts for the license have been created, the UMC
   now provides information about how to re-enable editing.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #38544