Errata overview
Errata ID 296
Date 2015-09-02
Source package univention-mail-postfix
Fixed in version 9.0.3-8.264.201508251152
This update addresses the following issues:
* DH parameters are not created at installation time any more.
  Precalculated DH parameters for 512 and 2048 bit are provided.
  A one time generation of DH parameters is scheduled for the next day.
* The default of the UCR variable mail/postfix/cron/recreate/dh/parameter
  is changed to not recreate the DH parameters every night. The cronjob of
  existing installations is not changed.
* The activation of mail/postfix/policy/listfilter lead to the mail server
  rejecting all emails. This has been fixed.
* A configuration error prevented Postfix from sending emails if Dovecot
  was also installed. Postfix' SMTP client now always uses the Cyrus SASL
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #37459