Errata overview
Errata ID 388
Date 2016-01-20
Source package univention-mail-dovecot
Fixed in version 1.0.1-2.54.201512151517
This update addresses the following issues:
* An error in the dovecot listener could lead to the unintended
  deletion of a shared folder if the corresponding LDAP objects is changed
  (Bug 40018).
* The UMC permissions "write" and "all" for shared folders did not
  contain the IMAP permission for expunge. A removal of mails or moving
  mails was not possible. This problem has been fixed and the permission
  will be updated automatically if the join script of
  univention-mail-dovecot is called (Bug 40037).
* A problem regarding IMAP ACLs at shared folders with primary mail address
  has been fixed. ACLs that have been removed via Univention Management
  Console or CLI have not been removed on the IMAP server (Bug 40195).
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #40018