Errata overview
Errata ID 234
Date 2016-08-03
Source package univention-system-setup
Fixed in version 9.0.4-33.977.201607221051
This update addresses the following issue:
* A new option for setting up a UCS system has been added which allows a
  fast instantiation for demo purposes. Some more aspects of the setup
  process have been improved w.r.t. reliability and speed.
* Some more corrections have been applied for the fast UCS instantiation.
* A UCR variable for enabling/disabling the fast instantiation has been
* Problems with a hanging setup process when finishing have been
* The timeout for internal LDAP queries during changes of network
  configurations has been adjusted for the UCS setup process.
* The rendering of the welcome screen after booting a UCS system has been
  improved and overlaying log messages have been removed.
* Problems with a disabled repository after setup have been corrected.
* An error dialog has been corrected which eventually showed up during
  the setup process stating that no module would be available.
* A typo in the header for the initial setup of UCS on an
  Amazon EC2 instance has been corrected.
* Enable collection of usage data during the system setup to allow future
  improvements to the user experience.
* Regenerate the system UUID during the fast setup demo mode to ensure a
  unique system.
* Errors that occur during the system setup of UCS can now be sent as
  feedback to Univention by the user.
* Redirection problems for app appliances at the end of the setup wizard
  have been corrected.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #40046