Errata overview
Errata ID 84
Date 2016-02-04
Source package univention-ldap
Fixed in version 12.1.6-21.811.201602031616
This update addresses the following issues:
* When a domain controller (DC) master or DC backup is created, two
  policies are now created or modified: a LDAP server policy to be used
  by member servers and a UCR policy be used by DC slaves.
  The policies configure them to use the LDAP servers of all available
  DC backups, in case the DC master is down. The LDAP server policy is
  activated on members, the UCR policy for slaves is not activated by
* Added printerModel to LDAP sub-string search index.
* The script '/usr/share/univention-ldap/ldap_setup_index' has been
  extracted. It can be used to manage the attributes, which are indexed by
  the LDAP server.
* Some shell quoting errors were fixed.
* Only initialize the LDAP server on the DC Master and abort on errors.
* The attribute "univentionMessageCatalog" has been added to the LDAP schema
  for the univentionUDMHook and univentionUDMSyntax object classes.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #38091