Errata overview
Errata ID 109
Date 2017-07-26
Source package univention-system-setup
Fixed in version 10.0.10-36A~
This update addresses the following issue(s):
* A crash during startup of the settings UMC modules has been fixed which
  occurred if certain values were not correctly encoded.
* The host name of a System which joins into an Active Directory domain is
  now restricted to 13 characters in the initial system configuration.
* The network configuration does not list TUN/TAP interfaces as configurable
  ethernet interfaces anymore.
* The naming restrictions for bridge and bonding network interfaces have been
  adjusted so that is is not required to have any number in the name anymore.
* The error handling when executing system setup scripts has been improved.
* The startup of the welcome screen after the setup in
  appliance modehas been fixed.
* The license check during an app appliance join has been fixed.
* The univention-system-setup package now depends on gettext-base.
* A display error when configuring multiple network interfaces has been
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #28070