Errata overview
Errata ID 200
Date 2017-10-18
Source package univention-samba4
Fixed in version 6.0.10-39A~
This update addresses the following issue(s):
* New scripts univention-samba-lockedout and univention-samba-unlock.
* Support <interfaces/primary> as a keyword for the UCR variable 
  samba/interfaces has been added. Now, newly installed Samba 4
  systems will set samba/interfaces to lo and the primary interface
  which is represented via interfaces/primary. Thus, Samba will by
  default only listen on those two interfaces. This can be configured
  afterwards via samba/interfaces, samba/interfaces/bindonly and
* Removed UCR-variable samba/logonscript
* Added ucr variable "samba/name/resolve/order" to smb.conf. The Samba 
  parameter "name resolve order" can now be set through UCR variable
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #35071