Errata overview
Errata ID 175
Date 2018-08-15
Source package dpkg
Fixed in version 1.18.25
This update addresses the following issues:
* Parse start-stop-daemon usernames and groupnames starting with digits in -u
  and -c correctly.
* Always use the binary version for the .buildinfo filename in
* Fix integer overflow in deb(5) format version parser.
* Fix directory traversal with dpkg-deb --raw-extract, by guaranteeing that
  the DEBIAN pathname does not exist.
* Do not try to recompute hashes for the .dsc file when signing binary-only
  builds in dpkg-buildpackage.
* Architecture support: Add support for riscv64 CPU.
* Perl modules: Do not normalize args past a passthrough stop word in
  Dpkg::Getopt. Some commands pass some arguments through to another command,
  and those must not be normalized as that might break their invocation.
* Documentation: - Update buildinfo information in dpkg-buildpackage man page
  to match the current implementation. - Use correct name for archname
  validator value in dpkg(1) man page. - Update git URLs for move away from
* Packaging: Add versioned Build-Depends on tar, due to the --clamp-mtime
  option being used in Dpkg::Source::Archive which is used by dpkg-source,
  used by the test suite.
* Updated programs and man pages translations
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #47503