Errata overview
Errata ID 218
Date 2018-08-23
Source package univention-samba4
Fixed in version 7.0.2-24A~
This update addresses the following issues:
 * Improved error message for school slave join.
 * Two new UCR variables have been added to give more granular control
   over the behaviour of the sysvol synchronization.
   "samba4/sysvol/sync/from_upstream/delete" to control whether a downstream
   DC should delete local changes during the synchronization from
   the upstream DC (only usefull in ucsschool with
   unidirctional synchronization from upstream DC)
   "samba4/sysvol/sync/fix_gpt_ini" to control whether old, redundant gpt.ini
   files should be deleted after the synchronisation to the local
   sysvol directory
 * After a server password change restart all of samba,
   not just the AD/DC component.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #47388