Errata overview
Errata ID 354
Date 2018-12-05
Source package univention-ad-connector
Fixed in version 12.0.0-41A~
This update addresses the following issue(s):
* The synchronization of password hashes from AD to UCS has been fixed
  on systems that have UCR connector/ldap/server set to a non-master server
  with read-only OpenLDAP.
* Fix kerberos authentication error during AD-Connector restart in ad/member
  mode in case of changed system time.
* The error messages for the join into an Active Directory domain
  have been improved.
* Fix AD to UCS password hash synchronization in cases where a custom
  Domain Admin account is configured for the AD connection.
* The synchronization of the proxyAddress attribute may fail if is empty.
  This issue has been fixed.
* The special cn=Subschema object caused AD-Connector rejects
* Base64 encode non-printable attributes in univention-adsearch
* Space separated attribute list as parameter in univention-adsearch
* The Connector now updates the AD attribute userPrincipalName if the
  UCS username is changed (disabled for all updated systems, unset
  UCR variable connector/ad/mapping/sync/userPrincipalName and restart
  the AD-Connctor to sync username to userPrincipalName on subsequent
  object modifications)
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #44024