Errata overview
Errata ID 52
Date 2018-05-16
Source package glibc
Fixed in version 2.24-11+deb9u3
This update addresses the following issue(s):
* The DNS stub resolver, when EDNS support is enabled, will solicit large UDP
  responses from name servers, potentially simplifying off-path DNS spoofing
  attackers due to IP fragmentation. (CVE-2017-12133)
* Fix a buffer overrun in rpcgen.
* Fix strlen on null pointer in nss_nisplus.
* Fix invalid cast in group merging affecting ppc64 and s390x.
* Define collation for Malayalam chillu characters.
* Correct collation of U+0D36 and U+0D37 Malayalam characters.
Additional notes
CVE ID CVE-2017-12133
UCS Bug number #46617