Errata overview
Errata ID 238
Date 2019-08-22
Source package univention-directory-manager-modules
Fixed in version 14.0.13-11A~
This update addresses the following issue(s):
* The UDM module users/user has been prepared for adding the following
  initials, postOfficeBox, preferredLanguage, physicalDeliveryOfficeName,
  st (state) and c (country).
  Any extended attribute for those properties should be changed to use the
  same property name as CLIName.
* The UDM module users/user properties departmentNumber and roomNumber
  have been changed to be multivalue, as allowed in the LDAP schema. This
  change has been made to support synchronization with Samba/AD.
* The fallback language for extended attribute translations is now based
  on the primary language of the locale. Austrian German will then be
  translated in German instead of English.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #49092