Errata overview
Errata ID 636
Date 2020-06-24
Source package univention-ad-connector
Fixed in version 13.0.0-44A~
This update addresses the following issues:
* The flag pwdChangeNextLogin is now synced bidirectionally
  by the adconnector
* The Diff-Mode synchronization technique originally implemented
  for the S4-Connector has been merged to the AD-Connector.
  This affects the replication of multivalue attribute values
  such that only added and removed attribute values are modified
  on the destination system, but values unchanged on the source of
  replication are also unchanged on the destination. Before
  this update, all values of an attribute changed in the source LDAP
  got replaced in the destination LDAP. Please note that there
  is no change in the replication of group memberships, because
  they already have been replicated in Diff-Mode before.
* Ignore changes to a list of irrelevant attributes.
  The list can be extended via a new UCR variable
* Basic profiling support via UCR connector/ad/poll/profiling
* Log the active mapping on startup
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #51298