Errata overview
Errata ID 81
Date 2019-05-08
Source package univention-directory-notifier
Fixed in version 13.0.1-16A~
This update addresses the following issue:
* Implement command "univention-translog prune" to prune old transactions
  from the 'transaction' file and database. This can be used to save space.
Warning: This procedure is dangerous and should ONLY be executed if ALL
Univention Directory Listeners (UDL) in the domain have processed all
previous transactions. Otherwise the UDLs will no longer be able to process
transactions and affected systems must be re-joined!
Systems, which have not been running for some time or are restored from
backup, must also be re-joined if their last processed transaction is no
longer part contained in the purged translog.
Additional notes
UCS Bug number #48729